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This deliverable includes a description of each of the workshops organised in the 3 pilot regions, underlining the goals and the achievements of each workshop.

Press kit including all press releases issued during the project.

This deliverable includes the list of all workshops organised in the focus countries.

This deliverable includes the strategy followed in the focus countries to maximise the engagement with the CITYnvest project. A summary of the main steps per country is also included in the document.

Categorization and analysis of the 3 pilot regions programmes schemes according to different criteria; detailed model description and fact-sheets of each of the 3 pilot regions. Analysis and categorization of obstacles encountered.

Detailed data and analysis on the pilot regions achievements and KPIs, along the development phases of the programme. Summary, grouping and graphs of the main barriers/difficulties.

A summary table with aggregated figures of investments employed and energy saving achieved as a result of project activities.

The implementation of the pilot regions projects has shown some barriers and obstacles that have highlighted the opportunities but also difficulties to set up a Programme Delivery Unit (PDU) and kick-start a large scale programme for energy... more

Project Sheet Murcia Region Spanish Version.

Project Sheet Murcia Region French Version.