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RenoWatt remporte l’award du « Meilleur projet énergétique 2017 », apportant une réponse ciblée aux enjeux climatiques et au besoins spécifiques des entités publiques.
Il s’agit du premier projet belge dédié à l’énergie primé par la... more

09/02/2017 Murcia region is exploring synergies for energy rehabilitation of public buildings of the regional government. Industry, Heritage, INFO have come together to make the regional strategy come true. Technical support is provided by Murcia... more

05-06.07.2017. La Región colabora con investigadores belgas y búlgaros en el proyecto europeo Citynvest, cuyos resultados se aplicarán posteriormente a otros diez países de la Unión Europea.

La rehabilitación energética de un total de 448... more

CITYnvest at CAIC 2017 20-22 September 2017, Essen (Germany)

In occasion of the Climate Alliance International Conference 2017, Transforming our municipalities: from goals to actions, CITYnvest organised an in-situ session. The session was... more

This leaflet has been released during a high level event in Murcia Region on 31 March 2017 dedicated to the Energy Plan for Murcia region 2016-2020. CITYnest project is mentioned as exemplary action taken by Murcia administration. It also states... more

On the 18th of October 2016 CITYnvest organised a national workshop for Romanian municipalities. Dedicated round tables wer organised to develop a list of recommendations to support the acceleration of energy efficiency investments in Romania. A... more

CITYnvest was present during the Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place 18-19 January 2017. This presentation gives a summarized overview of main outcomes... more

This guide is developed for journalists to get a quick overview of what CITYnvest is about, who is behind it and a summary of press releases developed so far. This document will be updated when new press releases linked to CITYnvest milestones... more

The promotional package contains of:

  1. Printed leaflets in Bulgarian (500), English (1000), French (500) and Spanish (500) In order to create a more original communication tool, which will be more likely noticed and read, the leaflet... more

The present Action Plan for Pilot Region Murcia has been developed with the following main goals:

  • to present the current situation in the Murcia Region regarding sustainable energy potential focusing on building retrofitting/RES... more