Key results

CITYnvest key results

CITYnvest results are presented following three main streams:

  • FROM BENCHMARKING GOOD PRACTICES TO GUIDE STEP-BY- STEP LOCAL AUTHORITIES IN LAUNCHING INNOVATIVE FINANCING MODELS – with a specific focus on the overarching guidance materials developed in the frame of the project
  • FROM ONE-STOP-SHOP EXPERIENCE IN LIEGE REGION TO CITYnvest RESULTS IN THE THREE PILOT REGIONS – with a specific focus on the experience in the three pilot regions and on their achievements and lessons learnt
  • FROM BARRIERS ON THE GROUND TO BROAD SOLUTIONS FOR EUROPEAN, NATIONAL AND LOCAL POLICIES – with a specific focus on the policy recommendations elaborated based on the practical experience in the pilot regions and focus countries.


1. From benchmarking good practices to guide step-by- step local authorities in launching innovative financing models

For local governments:

Comparison of Innovative Financing Models

The report reviews innovative financing and operational models for large-scale retrofits and explains possible mechanisms and instruments that could be used by local authorities to carry out renovation of their building stock. The report showcases the characteristics of the most effective initiatives that are currently being developed in Europe, as well as the challenges and risks inherent to each of the models.

Step by Step Guidance

This guidebook has been produced at the end of CTYnvest project. It includes links to all the tools and supporting documents developed in the frame of the CITYnvest project.  The guidance sets the key steps to follow and for each step identifies the CITYnvest tools that could be used.

This guidebook details 4 key steps:
1. Get inspired › 2. Set the ground › 3. Get operational › 4. Enlarge & up-scale

2. From one-stop shop experience in Liege Region to CITYnvest's results in the three pilot regions

For: local governments

Toolkit One Stop Shop

The toolkit clearly explains how to start an energy retrofitting project and identifies the main challenges and success factors, based on RenoWatt’s experience in Pilot Region Liège. The toolkit aims to share RenoWatt's best practices and to facilitate replication of the model elsewhere in Europe and on a larger scale. It addresses practical issues and offers step-by-step guidance for private and public actors.

Pilot Regions models explained: Liege Region (BE), Rhodhope Region (BG) and Murcia Region (ES)

Each CITYnvest pilot region (Region of Murcia in Spain, Region of Rhodope in Bulgaria and Region of Liege in Belgium) have implemented different innovative financing models. Here the are explained, giving you details on their implementation, organisation and partnership, beneficiaries, funding mechanism,  achievements. The document is explained for each region in English and in the other three languages (BG, FR, ES). 

Guidance-How to launch ambitious energy retrofitting projects in your region?

This guidance has been produced at the end of CITYnvest project. It resumes CITYnvest pilot regions results (in terms of investment and energy saving). It gives recommendations to local authorities wishing to to launch ambitious retrofitting projects, in particular on the added value of establishing a one stop shop at local level.

Guidance improvement, recommendations and conclusions

The implementation of the pilot regions projects has shown some barriers and obstacles that have highlighted the opportunities but also difficulties to set up a Programme Delivery Unit (PDU) and kick-start a large scale programme for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. These barriers are mainly of political, organisational, decisional and financial nature. The analysis of these barriers, their impact and possible ways of lifting them has allowed improving the guidance to project developers wishing to create and finance a PDU and to formulate some recommendations.

3. From barriers on the ground of CITYnvest's implementation to broad solutions for European, national and local policies 

​For: Policy & decision makers at local, national and European level

Booklet with 5 key policy recommendations 

This is a 12-page documents including  key recommendations addressed to policy makers at EU, national and local level  concerning five areas: Capacity building, technical assistance, regional competence center, long term political engagement and cooperative models.

The document is available in EN, BUDEESFR, HUIT, LTLVNL and RO