Guide for the launch of a One Stop Shop on energy retrofitting

The toolkit clearly explains how to start an energy retrofitting project and identifies the main challenges and success factors, based on RenoWatt’s experience in Pilot Region Liège. The toolkit aims to share RenoWatt's best practices and to facilitate replication of the model elsewhere in Europe and on a larger scale. It addresses practical issues and offers step-by-step guidance for private and public actors.

RenoWatt is a procurement agency, acting on behalf of public authorities, which undertakes energy retrofits in their existing buildings stock. The main principles of RenoWatt are:

  • Setting-up Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), which allows to cut the energy bill and the CO² footprint of the municipalities and guarantees the energy performance of the retrofits.
  • Pooling of buildings, i.e. gathering buildings belonging to different municipalities in order to reach a sufficient size of a project. It allows to ensure the best renovation and maintenance price, as well as diversification of risk.

RenoWatt offers following services to the municipalities:

  1. Simplification of the tendering process,
  2. Technical audits conducted by the one stop shop and identification of the prospective investments,
  3. Drafting financial plans (analysis of the financial return),
  4. Procurement of  EPC’s (from the draft of the specifications, to the negotiation with the ESCOs),
  5. Pooling of buildings,
  6. Search for funding.

You can access here the toolkit on the RenoWatt one stop shop model