The Region of Liège

The region of Liège and its local authorities have already been committed to improving energy efficiency in public buildings. Prior to the launch of CITYnvest, 8 municipalities, the Province of Liège and the regional airport had signed an agreement to cooperate on retrofitting of buildings. A concept of an energetic one-stop-shop has been developed, and it lead to establishment of a dedicated team and a new entity – RenoWatt, which facilitates scaling up energy efficiency renovation projects in the region.

In the framework of CITYnvest, experiences of GreLiège and its RenoWatt will be used in planning and implementing actions in other pilot regions. As for the Liège region, CITYnvest activities will be used to build further on what has been already achieved and to involve 84 more local authorities in energy efficiency retrofits.

As a part of CITYnvest, Liège region intends to bundle 3 types of retrofitting projects:

  • EPC tendering process for light retrofitting projects. This type of retrofitting focuses on investments with a pay-back period and an EPC contract duration between 8 to 15 years.
  • EPC tendering process for deep retrofitting projects. This type of retrofitting targets investment with a pay-back period and EPC contract duration between 20 and 25 years and it focuses on deep retrofit works.
  • EPC tendering process for schools retrofitting projects with a maximum 20 year-payback

Watch Erika Honnay explaining the RenoWatt's approach in more details (in French) and read an interview with her in “Mouvement communal”, a magazine edited by “Union of Wallon cities and municipalities”.

A poster and a leaflet explaining RenoWatt in a simple way can be downloaded from the Resource Library.