Murcia Region

Although Murcia region is well advanced in coaching local authorities and planning investments, it has been struggling to implement Sustainable Energy Action Plans or similar local strategies and to gather knowledge necessary to use innovative financing models.

In a first stage of the CITYnvest pilot action in the Murcia region, up to 409 administrative buildings will be retrofitted.  InfoMurcia will support DGEAIM (Energy&Industry department of the regional government) in developing a dedicated structure and an operational model for renovations. The pilot action aims to achieve 23% of energy savings through renovations of windows, opaque facade zones, inside lighting, heating and hot water boilers, air conditioning and energy management.

As a second step, InfoMurcia and DGEAIM will reassess results of the pilot project action and develop recommendations to the regional decision makers on suitable structures and operational models that will need to be put in place in order to scale-up investments.  InfoMurcia will also bring European expertise on complimentary funding opportunities, which could be to finance enlargement of investments.  Finally, a communication campaign with promotional and training components will be carried out in Spain and in the region itself.

Action Plan Pilot Region Murcia of 1 December 2016