Action Plan for Pilot Region Murcia

The present Action Plan for Pilot Region Murcia has been developed with the following main goals:

  • to present the current situation in the Murcia Region regarding sustainable energy potential focusing on building retrofitting/RES incorporation;
  • to present available financing models of relevance to local sustainable energy actions in the Murcia Region;
  • to tailor an Action Plan for the Murcia Region and to ensure it fits with the Murcia Region’s constraints and reality;
  • to outline the necessary steps to be taken in order to put in place or execute the program that will help Murcia Region in securing funding taking into account organizational, administrative, legal and financial aspects. 

The Government of the Region of Murcia has mandated the Directorate General for Energy, Industry and Mining (DGEAIM) of the Regional Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment to develop an energy efficiency plan for the renovation of the building stock owned by the regional authorities. This plan is part of a global energy plan 2016-2020 for the Region. CITYnvest provides the Region of Murcia expertise and knowledge to speed up the plan implementation by assisting in the setting up of a suitable organization to act as a PDU (Program Delivery Unit) facilitating the execution of the projects. 

Update of 1 December 2016.