Two new publications on ESCO model produced by EnPC-INTRANS project

EnPC-INTRANS project focuses on increasing the market uptake of technologies for energy efficiency (EE) improvements in public buildings and services. The project aims to achieve its goals by encouraging private sector to participate in innovative financing schemes for EE investments.

First of the new publications, the “Baseline study on the current state of EPC/ESCO project development and implementation” analyses the situation in 8 European countries. The analysis allowed to distinguish 3 levels of market development. Established ESCO market has been identified in Germany; Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia represent emerging ESCO markets; prospective ESCO markets have been diagnosed in Greece, Latvia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. More conclusions and detailed descriptions of each of the markets can be found in the original document.

The second publication entitled “Training needs assessment” will allow to create capacity-building materials, which will respond to the educational needs of stakeholders in countries participating in the project.  The report was developed based on responses to questionnaires and interviews. Respondents identified 11 priority subjects for training materials:

  • Basic EPC concepts
  • Financing options
  • Legal background
  • Contract models
  • Measuring and verification of guaranteed savings
  • Technical project design
  • Economic and technical risk assessment
  • Tendering procedure
  • Economic basics
  • Risk mitigation options
  • Calculation of baselines