Promotional Package CITYnvest

The promotional package contains of:

  1. Printed leaflets in Bulgarian (500), English (1000), French (500) and Spanish (500) In order to create a more original communication tool, which will be more likely noticed and read, the leaflet has a conceptual form of a piggy-bank building-shape box, which can be assembled by recipients. The piggy-bank concept is supposed to transmit the message that energy efficiency investments are better way of saving money than collecting them in a money box.
  2. Five roll-up banners. We decided to produce 5 roll-ups instead of one (as it was initially foreseen in the Grant Agreement, in order to be able to provide each workshops organiser with one pull-up and better build the brand of CITYnvest. The roll-up banners will be used during all of the events (in the pilot regions and in the focus countries), rather than only for the final conference.
  3. Digital brochure – it replaced the initial idea of a postcard. The brochure explains background and activities of CITYnvest. This digital document can be printed in house when necessary, but at the same time it can be constantly updated with the project developments and targeted and adjusted to needs of different audiences.