New tools supporting local authorities in selecting the most suitable models for energy retrofits are available!

"Increasing capacities in cities for innovating financing in energy efficiency - a review of local authority innovative large scale retrofit financing and operational models"

The report reviews and compares innovative financing and operational models for large-scale retrofits and explains possible mechanisms and instruments that could be used by local authorities to carry out renovation of their building stock. This unique comparison showcases the characteristics of the most effective initiatives that are currently being developed and deployed in Europe, as well as the challenges and risks inherent to each of the models. The document also includes a tool, which can support municipalities in developing action plans and taking first steps towards implementation of innovative financing for energy retrofits in buildings.

The report is complimented by a self-assessment tool; the Recommendations Decision Matrix. The Matrix contains a set of questions, which help local authorities to determinate which model is the most suitable for them.