EUROSTAT rules and regional support discussed at the CITYnvest workshop in Brussels

On 12 October 2016, CITYnvest, INFINITE solutions, Brussels Environment and GRE Liège organized a focus country workshop in Brussels. The event gathered more than 50 participants, mainly representatives of Brussels municipalities.

The workshop featured European examples of innovative financing models for energy efficiency, the developments in this field in the Brussels capital region, and concrete examples and practical experiences in Brussels and Wallonia. The event facilitated an interesting exchange between different levels of government: representatives from the municipalities, the association of municipalities and the region.

Participants of the workshop discussed two topics more in detail. First of them was related to the support that the region offers for energy efficiency renovations and how the municipalities can help citizens to have better access to these schemes. The second was related to the EUROSTAT rules and how they hinder energy efficiency investments in the region.

Presentations and pictures from the event are available on the workshop’s page.