EnPC-INTRANS identifies three main EPC business models

The most important element of energy performance contracting (EPC) is the energy saving guarantee, linked with refunding of the complete project costs by the savings. In order to create capacities for EPC in Europe, the EnPC-INTRANS project investigated the European market, consulted stakeholders in 9 countries and published results of the research in the study: “Adapted business models for energy performance contracting in the public sector of the EnPC-INTRANS partner countries”.  The project defined three distinct types of EPC business models that had proved to be successful for different refurbishment levels:

  • EPC light business model
  • EPC basic business model
  • EPC plus business model

All models are based on the refinancing of costs by savings, but the extent of the measures included and the linked risks, costs and contract durations are different.  The study analysed EPC markets in Croatia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.