Energy Plan for Murcia Region up to 2016-20 has been unveiled

The regional Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, through the General Directorate of Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity has unveiled the Energy Plan for Murcia Region 2016-20 in a high level event on 31 March 2017. The event was opened by the President of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia D. Pedro Antonio Sánchez  and sponsored by the regional government during the 'Region of Murcia Sustainable Energy' Day.This plan replaces the Integral Program Of Savings and Energy Efficiency in the Region of Murcia 2010-2016, responding to the European and State legal obligation of establishing compulsory regional energy planning. The half-day event was addressed to all economic and social actors of the Region.

​CITYnvest  was presented in  the workshop programme, as one of the most suitable running projects under the umbrella of Covenant of Mayors in the Murcia region, as presented by INFO Murcia director. CITYnvest was also inserted in the promotional material shared with the workshop participants, including the leaflet on the Regional Energy Strategy 2016-2020.

The strategic objectives of the Murcia Energy plan are based on three priorities lines: security and quality of supply, energy savings/energy efficiency in all areas, use of sustainable energy sources and competitiveness.
These strategic objectives are connected with the tactical and operational EU horizon 20-20-20 objectives, ensuring they are implemented in the context of existing regulations, economic and social situation. In particular, the plan’s three strategic areas are subdivided into Sectoral areas oriented clearly to specific sectors actions, groups or social or economic groups. Here is the Plan Efficiency in Public Buildings (duly supported by CITYnvest).

If you want to see more pictures from the event, you can follow the link. The e-version of the leaflet is also available in Spanish.