CITYnvest represents the voice of local authorities at Investor Days 2016

On the 22nd and 23rd February, the Investor Days 2016 offered an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss strategies to increase energy investments in the European building sector from both the investor and beneficiary perspectives.

CITYnvest was present at the event to express the voice of local authorities and to demonstrate how innovative financing models have already helped to realize energy efficiency renovations in buildings.

We started CITYnvest from the belief in the catalyst role of local and regional authorities; with adequate support they can facilitate the mobilisation of the entire local value chain to set up a programme to finance energy efficiency”, said Climate Alliance’s coordinator Elise Steyaert. Another key point was made by Miguel Casas of Energinvest, who presented main lessons learned from the CITYnvest 24 case studies on levels of ambition, operational services and financial schemes.

CITYnvest representation to the event stressed the need to embrace local potentials, to bundle local smaller-scale projects and to develop a sustainable portfolio of bankable projects.

The PPT file presented that day can be downloaded from our website.