CITYnvest partners gathered in Liège to discuss project developments

On the 14th of June 2016, the CITYnvest partners gathered in Liège for the Steering Committee meeting. They discussed the developments of the project, challenges and solutions to overcome them.

The morning session started with Anne-Francoise Marique’s presentation of the energy efficiency renovation of the Sart Tilman University Campus, which was funded by the EEEF. The speaker pointed out that the technical assistance, and combining high energy consuming buildings with retaining architectural and patrimonial value was crucial for conducting the project. However, the biggest challenge was related to the planning, since EEEF left only a short time to launch tenders. The afternoon session was opened by Jacues Pelerin, the president of GRE-Liège. He introduced GRE- Liège, its aims and pointed out synergies between GRE- Liège and CITYnvest. 

The Steering Committee meeting gathered all the project partners, which gave an opportunity to shoot a video about CITYnvest. Thus a film crew was invited to the gathering and the CITYnvest video will be launched in September 2016.