CITYnvest and Covenant of Mayors looking for synergies

CITYnvest was present at the workshop on financing strategies for local authorities on energy and climate actions. The event took place on the 30th of September and was organised by the Covenant of Mayors (CoM).

The discussion focused around one of the main difficulties in implementation of the climate and energy actions, which is the lack of financial resources. During the meeting Elise Steyaert, the CITYnvest coordinator explained how CITYnvest can support the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and the prospective synergies between Covenant of Mayors and CITYnvest.

The speech pointed out that 6,600 signatories of CoM have already defined the political commitment and have developed the measures for energy efficiency. Now, this potential should be unlocked by the access to financing for energy efficiency projects in the framework of SEAPs. The aim of CITYnvest is to close the gap between available funds and expectations of investors, and needs and capacities of local authorities. The CITYnvest project intends to make the difference by replicating solutions that actually worked and focusing on the local challenges. Thus, as stressed by the project coordinator, CITYnvest can help municipalities, regional authorities, Covenant of Mayors signatories and supporters to develop financing solutions in order to implement the actions, which they committed to in their SEAPs.

CITYnvest was well received by the participants of the workshops. They seemed to be convinced that the project is designed to meet the actual needs of local authorities.

The presentation from the workshop is available here.