BPIE report confirms the crucial role of local and regional authorities in driving energy renovations

The report “Scaling up deep energy renovations”, was recently published by The Buildings Performance Institute Europe and the Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness. 

According to the authors of the study, the frontrunner projects in Europe have demonstrated that innovation in all aspects of the  process – business and financial models, products, services and policy – offers great opportunities to  reduce  the  cost  of  deep  energy  renovation,  while  boosting  economic growth, creating jobs and reducing emissions. The report emphasises the engagement of local and regional authorities in the retrofit process, as one of the key success factors in scaling up deep energy renovations. It also features several good practices, such as Energies Posit’if,   KfW  Energy-Efficient  Refurbishment  programme, Energiesprong, some of which have been identified as CITYnvest best examples. The report stresses that mentioned projects highlight key factors that accelerate the rate of deep energy renovations and demonstrate that key elements recur in all deep energy renovation programmes, such as available financing, new services (e.g. aggregator or a facilitator), and innovation in materials and technologies.

The key success factors and policy recommendations in this report can serve as inspiration and motivation for policy makers at local, national and European levels to foster a systemic approach to deep energy renovation.