Step-By-Step Guidance

CITYnvest step-by-step guidance for local authorities to implement innovative financing models for energy efficiency in buildings

Overarching EU support

  • European financial support: FAQ
  • European advisory services: FAQ

Step 1 – Get Inspired

Step 2 – Building blocks of your own Action Plan

  • Define roles and functions of Program Authority (PA), Program Delivery Unit (PDU) in the Action Plan Template
  • Decide the level of ambition, ‘type’ of projects and beneficiaries in the Action Plan Template
  • Estimate the impact: different levels of ambition addressed in chapter 2.2 of the Action Plan Template and a comparison of the different levels of ambition can be found here.
  • Choose implementation methodology (Separate Based Contracting, Energy Performance/Supply Contracting) addressed in chapter 2.3 of the Action Plan Template and a comparison of the different implementation methodologies can be found here.
  • Specify operational services framework: learn about them here.
  • Choose the most suitable operational model ('Facilitation' model or 'integration') model, whether you add-on aggregation services and which financing model via the Recommendations tool
  • Develop financing framework (project financing, contractual and funding framework)
  • Mitigate potential risks and likely-to-encounter barriers when designing your action plan: CITYnvest Barriers Tool

Step 3 – Operationalize a Dedicated Team

  • In CITYnvest there are three dedicated teams committed to the pilot activities in the regions Liège (BE), Murcia (ES) and Rhodope (BG). You can read the lessons learned and how the teams look like here

Step 4 – Development of investment projects and pooling of buildings

Go through the various steps below as explained in the toolkit of Pilot Region Liège:

  • Define pool of buildings
  • Financial validation
  • Financial constraints
  • Legal aspects procurement processes
  • Risk mitigation

Step 5 – Monitoring and verification

  • Evaluation methodology (coming soon)

Step 6 - Scalability, maturity of the pipeline