Smart consumers and smart buildings: the active role of buildings in a transforming energy system

Wednesday, 15 June, 2016 -
16:00 to 17:30

Location: Brussels

This event aims to inform and enable decision makers, industry and innovators on the role buildings could play in an interactive integration with the energy system, and how the building’s user and owner can be part of this transformation.

As part of a multi-stakeholder approach, a wide range of actors will gather to reassess the role that buildings could play in the new decentralised, renewable, interconnected and variable energy system. A special focus will be given to key trends driving the change, the appropriate innovative solutions and the enabling measures needed to unlock this transition to smart buildings.

The programme will feature interventions from demand response aggregators, innovative policy initiatives, industry, consumer organisations and more. Ample time will be given in order to discuss topics such as:

What role can buildings have in this changing energy system?
What solutions are available in order to unlock the potential of buildings as they take up this new central role?
What are the levers at our disposal that could unleash a systemic innovation in the field?
How would this transformation impact the buildings’ value chain?