Sharing local & European experiences- CITYnvest II workshop, Latvia

10 May 2017, Riga - For the second time, CITYnvest met Latvian local authorities in Riga during the session " Innovative financial mechanisms for the energy efficiency projects' with the objective of:

  • Encouraging cooperation and linking different actors together
  • Ensuring  long-term engagement in energy retrofitting

The seminar was organised  in cooperation with the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments with more than 25 participants  present in the room and around 50 people connected on line to follow the discussion.
Among major highlights, it was stated that Latvian regulation is been currently adapted to ESCO model, and that one major obstacle is still mind set of people, especially for multifamily buildings renovation.
Several local actors gave updates on the status of building retrofitting in Latvia. ALTUM is working more as a competence centre supporting local authorities application on retrofitting projects.  The city of Liepaja shared the lessons learned from successful implementation of  innovative financing scheme to retrofit buildings. LABEEF aims at funding ESCO model in Latvia with the  support ALTUM. The company “Salaspils siltums” introduced their hands-on experience how a municipal district heating company can facilitate implementation of housing retrofitting projects.
External presentation were given by Ms Daiva Matoniene, Former Vice-Minister  of the Ministry of  Environment in Lithuania, showing that JESSICA funds have successfully funded 1595 multifamily buildings renovation in Lithuania since 2013 and more than 2000 are in the process.
Mr Angelos Vouros presented RE:FIT, the London award-winning building retrofit programme, with 680 buildings being supported for retrofit to date. From £100m total investment in retrofit projects, the programme has delivered saving over £7m in energy costs from public sector clients each year and 30k tons of CO2 reduction each year.
Seminar participants were invited to send (guidance material, examples of financial models)  for CITYnvest website.