CITYnvest workshop in Romania

Tuesday, 18 October, 2016 (All day)

The potential for energy efficiency retrofits is significant in Romania, both in the public and residential sector.  In order to tap into the energy services potential in Romania, much attention needs to be placed on developing and replicating innovative financing models that have proven to work. More incentives are needed to stimulate public-private partnerships, mobilize investments and realize a wider deployment of energy efficiency renovations in the Romanian building stock. Overcoming recurrent hurdles such as high up-front investments, long payback terms and lack of standardized contracts is the main reason for organising this workshop. Local authorities have an important role to play: with the right support frameworks they are able to mobilise the entire value chain for energy efficiency. Therefore, building capacities and knowledge of municipalities on innovative financing models play a crucial role in triggering large scale renovations.

The workshop aims at:

  1. Raising awareness and deepening knowledge of existing innovative financing instruments, operational models and inspiring case studies from other European countries
  2. Exploring Romanian ongoing efforts and discussing concretely how these innovative financing instruments could be applied in the participating local authorities
  3. Identifying recurrent barriers for innovative financing instruments in energy efficiency retrofitting and finding ways to overcome them
  4. Encouraging partnership-building between different stakeholders and levels of government.

The event is mainly addressed at Romanian local authorities, financial institutions, investors, ESCOs, energy agencies and policy makers from the local and regional level as well as relevant institutions.