RenoWatt's one-stop-shop model explained

The region of Liège and its local authorities have already been committed to improving energy efficiency in public buildings. Prior to the launch of CITYnvest, 8 municipalities, the Province of Liège and the regional airport had signed an agreement to cooperate on retrofitting of buildings. A concept of an energetic one-stop-shop has been developed, and it lead to establishment of a dedicated team and a new entity – RenoWatt, which facilitates scaling up energy efficiency renovation projects in the region.

In a short video prepared for the French focus country workshop, Erika Honnay presents RenoWatt. She explains what financing instruments where used to renovate buildings in the Province of Liège and why those financing models were chosen, what are the key success factors and problems encountered, as well as prospects for replication of the one-stop-shop model in other countries and in France in particular.