Energy Agencies in Bulgaria hooked on CITYnvest

The Annual Meeting of Association of Bulgarian energy agencies took place on 25 June 2016 in the town of Hissar, Bulgaria.The CITYnvest project was presented by Ivanka Pandelieva who highlighted the Pilot Region Rhodope's Action Plan main points, the achieved results and forthcoming activities related to the set up of a one-stop-shop for energy efficiency. The energy agencies were interested in the current status and perspectives of the CITYnvest activities and the possibility to replicate the results of the project. They also committes to inform the local authorities in their respective regions about the CITYnvest.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies, the Bulgarian State Agency for Sustainable Energy Development (SEEA) as well as local energy agencies of Sofia (SOFENA), Plovdiv (Plovdiv Energy Agency), Pazardzhik, The Black Sea Research Energy Centre, Association of Rhodope Municipalities (ARM).