Energies POSIT’IF

Energies POSIT’IF
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Île-de-France region
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Energies POSIT'IF

Energies POSIT’IF was created in 2012 as public-private partnership (société d’économie mixte or SEM) by the Île-de-France region.

By January 2013 it had raised a capital of 5.323.500 € from the region, the cities of Paris and Créteil municipalities, private and public banks and several local communities of municipalities.

The initiative was created to promote, organise, support and implement the energy transition of the Île-de-France region. It acts as an integrated service provider offering technical design, implementation and operations, financing and insurance services to owners of multifamily residential apartment buildings.

The target audience of Energies POSIT’IF are 1 million multifamily apartment buildings (condominiums) with an EPC certificate of E, F or G (230 to 450 kWhep/m2/year), which represents 47% of the total residential houses in those classes.

Energies POSIT’IF aims to be a pioneer of third party financing of the energy renovation of residential apartment buildings, to compensate for the lack of initiative from the private sector on this segment. The aim is to use a significant amount of energy savings to pay for the investments.

Energies POSIT’IF acts as a public ESCO to integrate the different steps of the process, with an aim to reduce transaction costs (information, strengthening of the capacity of the home owners, feasibility studies, quality control, follow-up, etc.).

The project is supported by the European Commission through its MLEI-PDA (Mobilising Local Energy Investments – Project Development Assistance) program, now called Horizon2020 program.

In 2015, Energies POSIT’IF reported a structural agreement with the European Investment Bank as part of a global 400 million € financing program for residential homes in France.