CITYnvest workshop investigates how to upscale successful practices in innovative financing in Italy

On 25 May, representatives of local authorities, the construction sector, financial institutions and academia gathered in Milan to debate what needs to be done in order to carry out energy efficiency renovations on a large scale. The event was co-organised by CITYnvest, Climate Alliance Italy, Renovate Italy, Kyoto Club and Fondazione Cariplo.

The intense round table debates revealed that even though a number of successful examples exist all over Italy, and all stakeholders are aware that building renovations need to be tackled, many investment barriers persist. One of the main obstacles is the fact that the Energy Services Market is not yet sufficiently mature in several regions.  

Christoph Thomsen from the Energy Agency of the German region of Baden-Württemberg (KEA), which is establishing a regional energy services market in Germany, suggested gathering all the stakeholders around the table and asking for their needs as a first step towards further development of the energy services sector. 

Participants also discussed the involvement of banks and insurance companies in the renovation process.  Representatives of these institutions were present at the meeting, and agreed to pursue the exchange in an ad-hoc working group. The working group will be set up with the support of CITYnvest and the other organisers of the event. A declaration containing the essential messages of participants to the regional level of Lombardy and the national Italian level is currently under revision and will be voted by the participants in the coming weeks.

Pictures and presentations from the event are available on the workshop page.