CITYnvest Follow up Session-Vilnius, Lithuania

Tuesday, 13 June, 2017 -
10:00 to 13:30

This half-day roundtable "Innovative financing models for energetic retrofits of the municipal building stocks" is  taking place in Vilnius, at ALAL premises. The session aim is to discuss with local authorities the Lithuania situation in refurbishment of public/private buildings, taking stock from the conclusion of the previous CITYnvest workshop hold in May 2016. As well, the workshop will be an opportunity to transfer the experience matured in other European local contexts (BE and UK). In particular the RE:FIT programme from London and RenoWatt project from Liege will be presented.
The workshop conclusions will nourish policy recommendations towards the European level CITYnvest will hand-over to European policy makers at the final dissemination conference.